SIRPA Online Recovery Programme

Pain Recovery In Simple Steps

Is chronic pain ruining your life? 

Have you tried numerous treatments and seen various Therapists/Specialists for your pain? 

Despite this,  is pain still ruling your life?

If so – you are in the right place! 


It truly is great stuff and I am actually grateful now that my body and mind has given me the opportunity for this unique training.  Without you putting all this together in such a user-friendly way, this experience would not have been possible for me and so many others – I am sooooo grateful for that!”  

Vicky Stone, Bristol


“I reached my goal of reducing my back pain and sciatica so that I could go on a trekking holiday in Morocco this summer.  Had a wonderful time with no pain / tiredness at all, despite long days and very hard camping mats for sleeping.  I’m so grateful to you and your course.”  



The online SIRPA™ Recovery Programme

This programme has been developed to help people like you who are ready to take the next step to really understanding the underlying cause of their pain in order to do more than just learn to live with it!  This programme is the result of the work Georgie Oldfield MCSP has been developing since 2007 and which, up until now, Georgie and SIRPA™ trained health professionals have been providing on a one to one basis with individuals with great success.

The online SIRPA™ Recovery Programme provides an easily accessible and central point for the treatment of chronic pain based on the SIRPA™ approach.  

I’ve seen Specialists and tried numerous different therapies but I still have pain, so why is this programme different?

Many conventional approaches are aimed at ‘management’ of chronic pain, believing the pain to be due to physical damage and therefore targeting treatment towards the symptoms themselves. The SIRPA approach is aimed at identifying and addressing the underlying causes themselves.  Pain science is now showing that the cause of most persistent, or chronic, pain is neural pathways that have been created and then maintained by the brain and the central nervous system. Once this is recognised and the causes addressed then, because the process is reversible using the ‘software’ of the central nervous system (the mind), it is possible to help individuals regain their lives.


When I began working with Georgie alongside the online SIRPA recovery programme I had constant back pain, leg pain and neck/arm pain and was unable to walk far, use a keyboard or lift anything, let alone work.  Now I am living without pain and feel like I have got my life back.  I am back at work and have even managed to ski and water-ski again.”  Lucy


Prior to purchasing this programme it is imperative that you already have an understanding of the concept behind the SIRPA approach and any more serious cause for your symptoms has been ruled out (such as cancer, infection, fracture, cauda equina syndrome or an auto-immune disorder).  Information may be gained from  reading one of the books on this subject. Failure to do this might lead to you paying for something that is not suitable for you at this time.

Mental Health Conditions

You will be acknowledging past, as well as current, unresolved emotional issues/traumas and therefore you are advised not to purchase this programme if  you have been/are being treated for a severe or unstable mental health condition because this might be exacerbated by undertaking this programme.

Mild to moderate anxiety and depression are common in people suffering from chronic pain.  However, if you have a been diagnosed with anxiety or depression and you are currently seeing a mental health professional, please discuss with them whether this is an appropriate programme for you to undertake.    

If you are unsure whether this programme is suitable for you, it is recommended that you contact us ( in order to discuss your situation and consider whether it would be safe to work through the programme, possibly alongside the support of an experienced practitioner and one suitable for your requirements.


“I have found the online SIRPA materials superb, helping me move on, over a few months, from a chronic pain I had been experiencing over a year. I tried all the strategies and chose some which suited me most and built them into my every day. The pain has gone completely and I continue to use some of the strategies to keep a balanced, healthy approach in my life. Thank you Georgie for creating such helpful and healing materials.”  
Jessica M, Bristol


When you sign up to this course you will also receive our regular newsletter sharing advice, tips and strategies to help you along your journey.

Q. I’ve followed all the advice online and in the books about this approach and I still have pain.  How do I know this programme could help me?

A. There are a significant number of people who continue to struggle, despite following all the advice in the books about this approach. This programme is designed to provide the additional information, guidance, strategies and support that people often require to make significant progress. 

Much of the work is about not only addressing past and current trauma/stress, but also learning to identify and address ways in which individuals create self-induced stress day to day due to learned behaviours, beliefs and personality traits. It also involves learning to reprogramme the brain and develop new healthy conditioned responses, so commitment and persistence is required.  

For some people additional support and guidance is required and if this is the case, support is available from one of our SIRPA-trained practitioners

“Georgie is absolutely dedicated to trying to improve the lives of chronic pain sufferers by helping us to understand what lies behind our pain and giving us the tools with which we can turn our lives around and end what, for some of us, has been years of pain. She is smart, enthusiastic and very approachable and will bend over backwards to give additional support when required.  From my own experience with Georgie I can wholeheartedly recommend her programme to all chronic pain sufferers.”   

L.Stoddart, Scotland


What do I receive for my investment in this programme?

When you sign up for the on-line SIRPA™ Recovery Programme, you will have access to, amongst other things, an in-depth on-line manual, plus………

  • A number of interactive self-assessment worksheets allowing you to undertake a self-directed, in-depth assessment yourself – helping you identify the causes of your symptoms (past and present), understanding how you create your own self-induced stress, your triggers, your conditioned responses, as well as any benefits or barriers to success etc
  • The facility to pull together all your assessment findings in order to be able to personalise your journey
  • Numerous self-empowering downloadable treatment strategies
  • A list of Frequently Asked Questions
  • A list of helpful daily reaffirmation statements to choose from
  • A forum where you can post questions to each other and which Georgie Oldfield and other practitioners will pop in every now and again to answer any specific questions.
  • A regular newsletter sharing tips, advice and support for people following this programme.

In addition to this you will receive the following products (worth £29.99)

Choose Your Thoughts – Reduce your Stress – audio

Guided Visualisations for a Healthy Life – audio

Journaling for Health – e-book.

Through following the programme you will;

  • Learn how to become more emotionally aware and how to use journaling and a number of other tools to help you ‘identify, acknowledge and express’ emotions triggered within you.
  • Understand how your personality traits, learned behaviours and inner self-talk create self-induced stress and how to modify these where necessary, enabling you to cope better with life’s circumstances.
  • Understand how powerful your mind is and learn strategies using your conscious mind to overcome conditioned responses and reprogramme your brain with more healthy, supportive behaviours, while learning to cope better with internal and external situations/stressors etc
  • Learn strategies to help you; achieve goals, learn to respond rather than react when your buttons are pressed and generally live a more health-enhancing life.
  • Learn from all that you do on the programme how to not only resolve any persistent symptoms you have, but also learn how to live life with less resistance and therefore be more able to prevent future problems.

The whole programme will normally take about 5-8 weeks and the final chapter of the manual will provide you with additional suggestions to help you progress further. However, there is no rush and rather than becoming overwhelmed it is better to take your time and go at the pace that is right for you. There will also be a list of further books or courses that could be helpful for any further personal development.


“To now have this online alternative is a testament to the development of understanding in this area in the UK and most of all a credit to yourself and the great work that you do. I think it is an excellent tool that provides great support for people like me without the need to have a practitioner in their hometown. I think it is better than the workbook as it provides additional information and being in this format, with the ability to print out PDFs if wanted, makes it more usable, in my opinion.”  Amy


The cost of the full programme is just £187

N.B. This is equivalent to only 3 – 5 sessions with a qualified health professional, or not much more than 1 private appointment with a Medical Consultant!

What if I find I need more help?

Even though this approach is essentially quite simple, it is not necessarily easy and requires persistence and commitment.  If you feel you would benefit from additional support and guidance, then please get in touch with Georgie or one of the SIRPA Practitioners.  For many people, the additional support can help with not only accountability and the motivation many people require, but provides more of a chance to learn from day to day  challenges and therefore progress further. These sessions may be face to face, by Skype or telephone.


Although we cannot absolutely guarantee you will be significantly better by the end of this programme, we can guarantee you will have a much better understanding of not only this concept and yourself, but how to progress on your own individual recovery journey.  If, however, you feel we have not fulfilled this guarantee to you, then Georgie Oldfield MCSP will be happy to refund your money in full within 4 weeks of the date you signed up.

Prior to purchasing this programme it is imperative that you already have an understanding of the concept behind the SIRPA approach and have ruled out any more serious cause for your symptoms.  Information may be gained from  reading one of the books on this subject. Failure to do this might lead to you paying for something that is not suitable for you at this time.

If you have a diagnosed mental health problem/severe anxiety or depression, please check with your mental health professional whether this is an appropriate programme for you to undertake.  You will be acknowledging past and current unresolved emotional issues/traumas and therefore you are advised not to purchase this programme if there has been significant trauma in your life.  

If this is the case it is recommended that you contact us in order to discuss your situation and consider whether it would be safe to work through the programme alongside the support of one of our practitioners.

What's included?

9 Videos
2 Surveys
60 Texts
9 PDFs
Georgie Oldfield MCSP
Georgie Oldfield MCSP
Physiotherapist & Founder of SIRPA

About the instructor

Georgie Oldfield MCSP is a leading physiotherapist and chronic pain specialist, promoting a pioneering approach to resolving chronic pain through her SIRPA Recovery Programme. Georgie is the founder of SIRPATM (Stress Illness Recovery Practitioners’ Association), an organisation dedicated to promoting the concept that chronic pain is part of an unconscious protective response caused by learned nerve pathways, rather than any physical ‘abnormality’ found, therefore the aim is to enable pain relief as well as enabling individuals 

Since coming across this concept in 2007 and traveling to New York to visit the pioneering Doctor, John Sarno, Georgie returned to the US on a number of occasions to develop her understanding by attending the first conferences in this field and learning from some of the other Specialists in the US.  

As well as her clinical work, Georgie gives talks and writes widely about the concept.  In 2014 published her first book, ‘Chronic Pain: your key to recovery’.  and along with 16 other health professionals she co-authored the book, 'Psychophysiologic Disorders: Trauma Informed, Interprofessional Diagnosis and Treatment, which was published in 2019.

Through SIRPATM Georgie developed the first training programme worldwide, enabling health professionals to learn how to integrate this approach and the concept on which it is based within their own work. The SIRPA course has evolved over the years and by developing this online course it is making this exciting training available to people worldwide. 

Georgie is passionate about raising awareness of this concept and approach.  This is demonstrated by the fact that she organises and hosts conferences for health professionals, which are held at 1 Wimpole Street, the home of the Royal Society of Medicine in London.

Is it time to break free from Chronic Pain? Would you like to understand the underlying causes and be given the simple steps to recover?

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